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The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) conduct state-of-the-art environmental protection and management programs as well as operate The Toll Roads in Orange County, California. These environmental programs encompass hundreds of diverse measures and programs aimed at safeguarding our region’s air, water, land and wildlife.

Begun in 1990, conservation efforts led by TCA allow residents and future generations to live in a healthier environment and enjoy scenic beauty. The open spaces conserved by the TCA are protected in perpetuity, meaning the natural landscape you see is guaranteed for life.

These long-term initiatives use the best scientific practices and technology in partnership with universities, conservation groups, and government agencies.

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Toll and fee revenues from the operation of The Toll Roads provide funding to TCA’s long-term environmental initiatives. This means that drivers using The Toll Roads have a positive effect on the quality of air, water, land and wildlife in Orange County. To date, TCA has spent approximately $100 million on environmental initiatives.


TCA’s extensive environmental programs were developed to balance construction of the 73, 133, 241 and 261 Toll Roads with the natural environment. Since 1990, TCA has conserved and restored over 2,000 acres of coastal sage scrub, wetlands, riparian and saltwater marsh at 16 different Orange County locations.

TCA has participated in local habitat preservation through financial and land contributions to the Central/Coastal Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP) since its inception in 1996. TCA contributed nearly $7 million to the Natural Communities Coalition of Orange County’s endowment of $10 million to ensure the long-term management of the 37,000 acres set aside as open space as part of this NCCP.


TCA’s demonstrated commitment to the environment has not gone unnoticed. Innovative strategies, design, management and conservation measures have been acknowledged by the tolling industry, government entities, planning and ecological organizations, and educational institutions. Among its awards are:

  • Environmental Excellence Award from the Federal Highway Administration
  • Focused Issue Planning Awards from the American Planning Association Orange Section and the California Chapter
  • Women in Transportation Studies Innovative Transportation Solutions
  • California Association of Environmental Professionals Public Involvement and Education Award
  • Acknowledgment by the International Conference on Ecology and Transportation for TCA conservation projects.
  • California Association of Environmental Professionals Outstanding Achievement Award

Current Initiatives

For fiscal year 2016, TCA’s Environmental team is focused on four key initiatives. The largest is the extension of the Wildlife Protection Fence along State Route 241 and the beginning of an ongoing study of the fence’s effectiveness in reducing animal-vehicle collisions. Other projects include ongoing management of the Upper Chiquita Canyon Conservation Area, Limestone Canyon and Live Oak Plaza, and continued habitat restoration at Strawberry Farms.

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