At The Toll Roads, we have an exceptional record of environmental protection and restoration, earned by going above and beyond required mitigation to be good environmental stewards. When we plan roads, we also set aside land for protection and build in wildlife-friendly design features.

  • Environmental Insight

    Environmental Insight

    TCA’s 25 years of dedication to long-term environmental protection and management programs contribute to a healthier environment and preserve the area’s natural habitat for Orange County’s native plants and wildlife. This bi-monthly newsletter updates readers on how TCA uses the best scientific practices to preserve and restore local natural areas in partnership with universities, conservation groups and fellow agencies. 

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California's First Successful Native Habitat Restoration on a Closed Landfill Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Twenty years ago, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) made history when they planted 122 acres of coastal sage scrub on the former Coyote Canyon Landfill in Newport Beach, Calif. It was the first time that native habitat for an endangered species had ever been planted on a closed landfill. Today, it is a thriving habitat that supports native wildlife and requires no maintenance.

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