TCA CEO Responds to Anticipated Litigation by the City of San Clemente

IRVINE, Calif. - July 19, 2017

TCA CEO Mike Kraman issued a statement today responding to anticipated litigation by the City of San Clemente related to the November 2016 Environmental Settlement, which ending a 15-year gridlocked dispute regarding the TCA’s 2006 and the 2013 approvals of its Foothill-South and Tesoro Extension projects.

“It’s unfortunate that the City of San Clemente is choosing litigation over collaboration,” said Mike Kraman. “This isn’t the way the public expects government agencies to solve issues. In order to relieve traffic congestion in our region, agencies have to work together constructively and honestly. We would hope the city would choose to work for, not against, the effort to relieve traffic, promote economic viability and protect our quality of life.”

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